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Recruiting ideas
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Joined: 2nd Jan 2016
Rank: Elder
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24th Feb 2016

OK so it's pretty clear that the recruiting lately has been awful.  The Tuesday wars are basically just giveaway to the opponent, and the weekend wars are plagued by shit troop dumping and clan babysitting.  I have a few ideas, let me know what you guys think. 

Option 1 - stop recruiting.   We keep our core for awhile, and get into some 25v25 or 20v20 wars.  Sure we don't advance in the clan perks as quickly but it might be worth it to avoid frustration. 

Option 2 - we lengthen the timeline for recruits. We only war with recruits that make sense, no random untested people in wars.  So here's how I see that playing out.  So this past weekend we opened to recruits, and when the door closed there were four new people.  Of the four, three were never heard from in chat and never even requested a trioop.  those guys are on instant probation.  Then there's 'honey' who kinda talked when I said hey you gotta war honey, so I think she (he?) was a legit member of this war that now deserves to get kicked.  The other three woudl not have been inclluded in this war, and if by now we still had heard nothing - no correspondence, no willigness to give this whole "english speaking" thing a good try then they get the boot.  

Option 3 - invite-only recruiting.  This involves going out onto global with directed messages to people who don't seem like they're under 12.  Hey bud we have a real clan here you should join, I'm going to invite you.  

Anyway that's what I got right now, thoughts?

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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